Warp Six
Public Domain Software by Jim Ferr, Scott Johnson, & Frank Kucharski

Warp Six is BBS software for the Apple ][ computer. This page is to keep those of you who are interested abreast of developments. Warp Six is PUBLIC DOMAIN software, which means it is FREE. It may be used, distributed, modified, and mangled to your heart's content.

You can visit the Warp Six FTP site at ftp://ftp.teleport.com/pub/users/nlayton
or click on the filename to download it from here. (filename is w6.v2.5.shk)
Thanks to Neil Layton, a fellow Warp Six sysop, for donating space on his anonymous FTP site.

I am currently working on the new release (version 3.0) with Jim Ferr's blessings. Jim is the original author of the Warp Six BBS software, but has moved on to the Mac world pretty much since he got his promotion from Apple Canada's "Technical Response Group" to "Information Systems & Technology". His official job title is "Programmer Analyst" but he actually has four jobs: database administration, network support, telecom support, & desktop support (belated congratulations, Jim!). He has agreed to continue to work on the Modem drivers and other assembly portions of the software but is trying real hard to pass the Applesoft portion of the program on to others of us who have an interest. Frank Kucharski and I (Scott Johnson) were chosen to continue the Warp Six tradition.

Version 3.0 is close to release now. I have been trying real hard to find time to finish up the installer and the docs. The beta has been running on my BBS for a few months now and I think all the bugs have been found and fixed. I apologize for taking so long to get this done, but unfortunately I have to work for a living. PD software just doesn't pay the bills... I have some vacation coming so hang in there.

I have a feature list for version 3.0 posted here now. This update doesn't have a whole lot of new stuff for the end user, but I have crammed quite a few goodies in for the sysop and a few of the existing features have been tweaked for speed (such as the user list sorting routines). There are also a couple of things Jim was working on that have been polished and more integrated into the package.

Frank has been working on the file libraries but it doesn't look like he will have it finished in time to release those updates with version 3.0. We'll get that into the next release.

HANG IN THERE FOLKS! We are still working on it!

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