Warp Six V3.0 Feature List

Changes last made on: MON April 24 2017


  1. General
  2. Forums
  3. E-mail
  4. Door games
  5. Sysop and Co-sysop related
  6. Sysop Utilities


  1. It's now possible to run Warp6 online and have users Telnet in. Requires a Raspberry Pi running TCPser and custom cable.
  2. Added some intelligence to the logon procedure. More user friendly.
  3. Logon using name (as well as ID# like before)
  4. Added a GUEST account
    • Allows equivalent of non-validated user with 20 minute time limit
    • No longer need to delete users who decide not to call back again
    • Logs the guest's name in the caller log
  5. Added auto detect support for PSE and ANSI at logon (you still have to design your own pages to display to the user...)
  6. Added additional pause at logon to allow for proper emulation detection and to receive Caller ID info between first and second ring.
    • CID is only applicable if you have a CID device hooked to your BBS line with your modem
  7. Improved memory management using VAR type files
  8. Moved assignment of XA and FF variables to LOGON program to simplify future updates


  1. BUG FIX - Caused error #5 and hangup if you mailed to a user twice consecutively from the same post
  2. Created a forum queue
    • User can ignore selected forums when using quickscan or continuous quickscan
    • User can still enter all normally accessible forums in manual mode
    • Queue functions with a 20 forum maximum. More than 20 OK but queue won't work.
  3. Sysop selectable alias flag for individual forums
    • Display real name in selected forums on an alias system
    • Sysop will have to manually enter user aliases on a real name system. (Default will be "NO ALIAS")
  4. User selectable screen clear between messages


  1. Send carbon copies to multiple users
  2. Optionally send mail to user ID# (speeds up reply function when replying to users with high ID numbers)

Door games

  1. Changed "validation date" to "first date" in user stats to allow a reset check for games and additional features
  2. Added a door game prefix to SYS.DATA
  3. Optional door game launcher included if you wish to run door games

Sysop and Co-sysop related

  1. Co-sysop security level added (SL-8)
    • Can see locked files
    • Has personal second password for security. Does NOT share sysop remote password.
    • Allowed to enter and use sysop utilities
  2. REPORT TO SYSOP supports a multi-name list for users to select from
    • Assign duties to your co-sysops and queries can go directly to them
  3. Added info to status block at top of sysop's screen when user is online
  4. Modified "waiting for logon" screen. Now indicates new and total mail waiting for sysop
  5. Added a means to enter the sysop utilities menu while a user is online. Great for instant validation when you have a CID device to verify phone number.
    • Only works from MAIN prompt
    • User sees nothing while you are working (the reverse of when a user enters private E-mail)
  6. Purge will ignore users with SL higher than you select (default is SL-2)
    • Allows assignment of PERMANENT accounts regardless of account inactivity. Nice courtesy for visiting sysops.

Sysop Utilities

  1. Added LOCATE function to find a user's ID#
    • Search on alias
    • Search on last name
    • Search on last AND first name
    • Search on ANY PART of last name
  2. Can copy user stats from one ID to another (seldom used and not recommended but nice if you need it)
    • Moves ONLY user stats in the USER file.
      • No other related info is affected
        • E-mail not moved
        • Scores in games not moved
  3. COPY UTILITY is modified and integrated
    • Select files from a displayed list by number
    • Works on batches of files
    • Copies files as before
    • Moves files (original is deleted)
    • Deletes files
    • Locks and unlocks files
    • Prompts you if files to be deleted are locked
    • Works from local keyboard or remote
  4. Rewrote sort routines and moved to sysop utilities from the utilities menu
    • Uses a SHELL sort now instead of bubble sort. MUCH faster.
    • User list is formatted to multiple columns
      • Real names formatted to two columns
      • Aliases formatted to four columns

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