Wes wearing the garter.

Beve wearing the garter.
THIS is more like it!

Beve kissing Dax.
I always thought when the guests tapped their glasses that the bride and groom were to kiss... Is this a "Canadian thing" or was there more to the camping trip than she's telling me?

Boomer and Mom...  Hmmm...
The outhouse is that way Grandma. ;)

Bev and Lloyd Bell.
These were our gracious host and hostess. Lloyd was master of ceremonies at the reception, and Bev prepared ALL of the food! They did so much more than that though... They moved so fast that we couldn't catch up to them, and somehow managed to stay in the background while it all took place. Many thanks and my apologies for not having a better picture of them. I had to zoom in on a scanned photo to even get THIS one!

Some of the kids.
These are just a FEW of the young adults who now call me "Dad"...THERE'S MORE!

Thinking of Cher and Christy.
Cher and Christy couldn't make it to the wedding but really did want to be there. They are in England right now. Cher (on the right) had to leave the DAY BEFORE we got married. Wish you could have been there girls. We missed you... :(

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